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Last Name First Name Middle Name Other Info Picture Date Page No.
Brady Julia Mrs Julia Beaupre; Mrs. Wm. S. Beaupre
Brady Kitty Mrs. C. C. Smith
Brady Mattie Mrs. C. H. Haring
Brady Sue Mrs. Joshua J. Fishburn
Brewster Sarah Mrs. Charles Wheaton
Broken Crutch See: George Schick
Brooks Lavina Mrs. Charles Paull
Brunnemeyer Eva Mrs. Eva Brunnemeyer King
Buck Frances Mrs. W. B. Sprague
Buck I. A. W. See also: Dr. Ira A. W. Buck
Buck Julia Mrs. Julia Buck Rowe
Buck Mary Elizabeth Mrs. Edward FoSseyth
Buck Mary Louise Mrs. Henry Welsh
Buckendahl Lily Mrs. George Simpson Sr.
Budreau Mate Boudreau/Budreau or "Mayflower" launching
Buffalo Bill See William F. Cody
Burkland See Burklands
Burklands See Burkland
Burnett Ruthanne Mrs. Edward Farrell
Burton Katherine Mrs. Edward Billings
Burton Mrs. Maria Alice Burton; Mrs. Pierce
Bush Arvie Mrs. Clifford G. Sweet
Caldwell Billy See also: Saganash, Indian Chief
Campbell Mary Mrs. George Hawks
Carlyle Ella Stolp See also: Ella Stolp Carlisle
Carmody Katharine Mrs. T. F. Lawler
Carpenter Phoebe Mrs. Phoebe Hazel
Case Hazel Mrs. Hazel Case Staples
Cass Margaret Mrs. Joseph Williams
Castens Betty Lou Mrs. Fred Heinecke
Caswell Gerald Justice, see: Gerald Ellis Vincent
Chamberlin Minnie Elvira Mrs. George W. Wilson
Chamblee French spelling of Shabbona, see
Chapman Myrtle Mrs. Myrtle Corwin Lamoreaux
Chever Ruth Married twice, to Jeremiah Shepard & Eben F. Beaupre
Christener Emma Mrs. Jacob Krill
Clark See also: Clarke
Clark Carrie Mrs. Edward Keator
Clark Hattie Harriet L. Clark; Mrs. Prof. Thomas. H. Leffingwell
Claybourne Achibald See Archibald Clybourne
Claypool See also: Glasspool
Clayton Cornelia Mrs. Hugh W. Taylor
Clybourn Archibald See also Claybourne and Clyburn
Clyburn See Clyburn, Clybourne, Claybourne
Cody Buffalo Bill See also: William F. Cody
Cody William F. See Buffalo Bill
Coledge See also College and Colledge
Colledge See also Coledge and College
College See also Coledge and Colledge
Collins Helen Mrs. Ralph C. Goble