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Last Name First Name Middle Name Other Info Picture Date Page No.
Gillett See Gillette
Gillette Blanche See Mrs. Frank B. Watson
Gillette See Gillett
Gillogly See Gilloguy
Gilloguy See Gillogly
Glasspool See also Claypool
Glazier Emma See Mrs. John T. Mason
Glover Louis See A. Lewis Glover
Godard Minnie See Mrs. Theodore Worcester
Godard See Goddard
Goddard Dwight P. See also: Dwight P. Godard
Goddard See Godard
Gorrie Belle See Mrs. George J. Reuss
Graves Ellen See Mrs. Theron Potter
Gray Daniel See Daniel Grey
Gray Ruth See Mrs. Ruth Gray Davis
Grometer Ruth See Mrs. Robert Ritenour
Groom Frances See Mrs. Arthur Teichmann
Guild Nellie Carpenter See Mrs. John N. Staudt
Guinang Jennie See Mrs. Frank G. Plain
Hackney Mae See Mrs. Charles Wicker
Hagerty Katherine See Mrs. Michael Hassett
Hall Harriett Darling See Mrs. A. S. Hall
Hanchett See Hanchette
Hanchette See Hanchett
Hanna Mary SeeMrs. Mary Hanna Kelley
Hanna Minnie See Mrs. Milton D. Jones
Hard A. Perry See Abner Perry Hard
Hard M. Louise See Mrs. William H. Hard
Hard Geneve See Genevieve Hard
Hard Genevieve See Geneve Hard
Haring Hazel See Mrs. Frank A. Belden
Haring Julia See Mrs. James C. James
Harman August See Augustus Harman
Harman Augustus See August Harman
Harman See Harmon
Harmon See Harman
Harp Mary See Mrs. Mary Harp Nelson
Harral Frank See James Frank Harral
Harral See Harrall, Harrel, Harrell
Harral See Harrall
Harrall See Harral
Harrel See Harral, Harrel, Harrell
Harris Emily Ann See Mrs. Edward G. Ament; Ament, Emily Ann Harris
Hart William S. See Bill Hart
Hart Bill See William S. Hart
Hartman Kitty See Mrs. D. D. Budge
Hassett Margaret See Mrs. William J. Gretencort; Gretencort, Margaret Hassett
Hawkins Etta See Morris, Etta Hawkins (Mrs. William Morris)
Hawkins Norma See Mrs. Lodi Stanisha