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Last Name First Name Middle Name Other Info Picture Date Page No.
Dustin Temperance Temperance Dustin Stolp; Mrs. Joseph G. Stolp
Earl See Earle
Earle See Earl
Eaton Carrie See also: Holcom, Mrs. Carrie, Mrs. Newton R.
Egerman See Eggermann
Egermann Jean See Mrs. Norman Rice
Eggermann See Egermann
Egleston Pearl See Mrs. Harry Highley
Elliott Emeline See Mrs. Joseph Denney
Elliott Mary E. See Mary Elliott Denney; Mrs Ebenezer Denney
Emerson Ada See also Ada Emerson Wolcott; Mrs. William A. Wolcott
Emerson Ada Mrs. William A. Emerson
Emmerson Theo Mrs. Theo Emmerson Sinden; Mrs. Alfred Sinden
Erskine H. M. Mrs. Benjamin F. Parks
Erskine Isabel Beecher See Parks, Isabel Erskine; Mrs. Robert Hall
Evans H. H. See Henry H. Evans, Senator
Evans Mariee Louise See Mariee Louise Evans Smith; Mrs. Robert Smith
Farnsworth Eunice See Eunice Farnsworth Hard; Mrs. Nichols Hard
Farnsworth J. F. See also Farnsworth, John F.
Farnsworth John F. See also Farnsworth, J. F.
Farnsworth John M. See also Farnsworth, John F.
Farrell Laura See Laura Farrell Riley; Mrs. John J.Riley
Fenton Agnes M. Mrs. Peter G. Pillatsch
Ferre See Ferree
Ferree See Ferre
Ferris See Ferriss
Ferriss See Ferris
Firkins Harriet See Mrs. James Adams Firkins
Fishburn Kittie See Mrs. W. F. Fowler
Fisk See Fiske
Fiske See Fisk
Fitzgerald Fanny See Mrs. Robert McGlaughlin
Flanigan Maggie See Mrs. James Curtin, Maggie or Margaret
Flanigan Margaret See Mrs. James Curtin, Maggie or Margaret
Foreacre See Fouracre and Fouracres
Forseyth Helen Mar See Mrs. John Pease
Fouracre See Fouracres and Foreacre and Foreacres
Fowler Harriet See Mrs. Sam C. Loomis
Fowler Susanna See Mrs. Lorenzo D. Brady
Frauenhauf See Frauenhoff
Frauenhoff See Frauenhauf
Frazier W. S. See: Frazier, Walter S.
Fridley Grace Mrs. Grace Fridley Patten
Gale Cornelia See Mrs. Lewis Steward
Galt See also Gault
Garfield Ione See Mrs. Ione Garfield Mehrent
Gates John Warne See also Bet a million Gates
Gault See also: Galt
Gay Elizabeth See also Mrs. Elijah Hopkins
Gilbert Anna See also Mrs. Myron Stolp