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Last Name First Name Middle Name Other Info Picture Date Page No.
Toronto Bertha H. Mrs. Henry Cronk
Town See Towne
Town Silvanus See Deacon Sylvanus Town
Towne See Town
Trask Lillian Mrs. Sam B. Clark
Tripp Ora Mrs. Clay W. Harkness
Turner Maud Powell Mrs. H. Grodfrey Turner See Powell, Maud
Tuttle Milicent Mrs. Doctor Townsend Seeley Dr. Townsend
Van Alstine Angeline Mrs. Rufus Gray
Van Arsdale See VanArsdale
Van de Velde See Vanderveld
Van Ohlen Veda Mrs. Frank L. Wagner
VanArsdale See Van Arsdale
Vanderberg Mary Mrs. Mary Vanderburg Riley
Vanderveld See Van de Velde
Vaughan See Vaughn
Vaughn See Vaughan
Volentine Daniel See also: Volintine, Daniel
Waggoner See Wagoner
Wagoner See Waggoner
Waite Laura Mrs. Ira R. Judd
Walker Sarah Jane Mrs. E. M. Walker See: Walker, Mrs. Sarah Jane
Walker Sarah Jane Mrs. E. M. Walker
Wandover Jane Mrs. Jane Wandover Reynolds
Warne Phalana Mrs. Phalana Warne Guild; daughter of Taylor S. Warne; sister of Mrs. H. E. Bartholomew of Eola Dau. of Taylor S. Warne Sister of Mrs. H. E. Bartholomew (of Eola)
Warnick Polly Mrs. Joseph Stevens
Warran Henry See: Warne, Henry
Waterhouse Elizabeth Lucy Elizabeth Waterhouse Royston; Mrs. D. E. Royston
Waterhouse Gertrude Mrs. Wm. H. Kelley; daughter of Fletcher Levi Waterhouse
Waterhouse Gertrude Mts. T. J. Parker; daughter of Levi Hull Waterhouse
Waterhouse Hattie See Harriet Waterhouse
Waterhouse Mary Florence Mrs. E. Y. Fowler
Watson Stewart See J. Stewart Watson
Weber Barbara Mrs. Joe Herman
Webly Suzannah Mrs. Jesse Walker
Wedge Dan See Daniel Wedge
Wedge Daniel See Dan Wedge
Weis Marie Mrs. August Phillips
Wentworth Long John; see John Wentworth
Wheaton Marie Polly; Mrs. Harry R. Holden
Wheaton Sarah Brewster Mrs. Charles Wheaton; 1890's, clubs 02 September 1972
Wheeler Grace Mrs. Grace Wheeler Wrockloff
White Lewis See also: Lutz White
White Lutz White see Lewis White
White Isham See L. Isham White
Whiteley See Whitely
Whitely See Whiteley
Whitfield Josiedell Mrs. Charles F. Carnes
Whitford Burdell Mrs. Melvin H. Sorenson
Whiting Ellen W. Mrs. Ira B. Copley